After Incision & Drainage of Infection

In addition to the general postoperative surgical instructions, if you have undergone surgical incision and drainage of an abscess (infection) you should also follow the instructions below to aid in the resolution of your infection.

  • Apply a warm compress or heating pad to the area of infection or swelling.  The heat can be applied for 20 minutes, removed and then the application repeated in 20 minutes.
  • You should massage your swelling gently a few times daily while applying the heat to the area in an effort to “milk” the infection (pus) toward your incision in order to help the infection to drain.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water 4-6 times daily, especially after meals.
  • Take your antibiotics as prescribed until they are completely gone. The addition of yogurt to the diet each day while you are taking antibiotics may decrease the chance of developing diarrhea.
  • Sometimes a small rubber flexible drain is placed at the surgical site to help your infection drain and resolve more quickly. It is usually sutured in place so that it does not fall out. This drain will be removed at your postoperative examination.