Guided Surgery

Guided Software is a 3D implant surgical treatment planning software program that allows for precision implant surgical case planning.

With Guided Software:

  • A patient’s anatomy (teeth, jaw bone and anatomic structures such as the sinus cavities) are created on the computer screen in a 3D format.  These 3D objects can be manipulated and viewed in all planes of space.
  • Virtual teeth can be created to fill in the space where teeth are missing.  These virtual teeth can be positioned ideally in their respective dental arch and also aligned appropriately with the opposing teeth.
  • Exact replicas of the implants to be placed (these are available from a library of Implant Manufacturers implants that have been loaded in to the guided software) can then be “dragged and dropped” in to the 3D model of the jaw bone.  The position of the implants is then manipulated to position them in the ideal location to restore the missing tooth or teeth based on the virtual tooth workup.
  • Once the surgical treatment plan is finalized via the virtual surgery created in the software, the virtual surgical plan is mated with a model of the patient’s teeth.  A precise surgical guide is then fabricated on the model using the surgical plan.  This surgical guide is made of a hard acrylic material.  The guide fits in the mouth like a mouthguard.  The guide will have a hole machined in it at the exact angle and position in which the implant is to be placed based on the virtual surgical plan created within the software.  Thus allowing the surgeon the ability to take the surgical plan to the patient’s mouth precisely.

Essentially your implant surgery is first completed virtually on the computer with the end-in-mind …before any surgery is ever performed clinically.

You will have an opportunity to review the virtual surgery plan prior to surgery if you desire.  We find this to be a very valuable education tool for patients.  And it also helps patients to feel more informed prior to surgery, as well as less apprehensive about their procedure.